Chinese billionaire’s own words after the murder of Swedish Veronica

The saga continues in the second episode of STV’s new documentary “Veronica and the Chinese millionaire” where Chinese businessman and billionaire You Lin is heard talking about his wife Veronica during a police interrogation shortly after she was found murdered in 2003.

31-year-old Veronica was found murdered in an apartment in Sweden and her Chinese husband was first a suspect in the case. Just a couple of days after the murder, You Lin was arrested while he was visiting Gothenburg, he had not told Veronica or her family that he was in Sweden.

The still-unresolved case is now covered in a six-part documentary and in episode two, audio recordings from the police interrogations with You Lin are being played. 

“I feel very bad about the suspicions that are directed at me. I never could have imagined that this would happen,” You Lin said. 

Veronica and You Lin met in 1996 when she lived in China. She was there to study the language and worked extra as an English teacher. You Lin became her student. “The majority of our relationship took place during six months in Dalian in China. I liked Veronica a lot. But eventually, I discovered her bad sides, he said and continued: 

“Veronica was very emotional and impulsive so I was never sure of her feelings for me. We did discuss marriage, but we never made a decision about it,” he said in the police interrogation that SVT took part in.

“In November, I received a call from Veronica. She said she was pregnant. I was very surprised but decided to take my responsibility, You Lin said in the interrogation. 

He goes on to say that according to Chinese culture, it is not right to have children out of wedlock. “For Veronica, the child and my sake, I decided to go to Gothenburg immediately. Veronica had already booked an appointment for the wedding at the town hall,” he said to the police. 

Veronica gave birth to their son Marcus in 1999 without You Lin being present. In the documentary friend and family express Veronica’s disappointment and explain that as time went on, You Lin made fewer and fewer trips to Sweden. You Lin paid SEK 10.000 in child support a month but when his payments were late, Veronica wanted a divorce. 

You Lin however had a different version of the situation. “If I did not pay according to her demands, she would not let me see my son. She used my love for Marcus to satisfy her own needs,” he said during the police interrogation.

A part of the couple’s email exchange reveals that threats were made. 

“Beware of pressuring me. I love Marcus more than you do. I will go to Sweden and talk seriously with you,” You Lin wrote in an email. 

“If you want to fight with me, it’s up to you,” Veronica replied. 

Sometime later, Veronica was found dead. At first, You Lin was convicted of ordering the murder but was later acquitted.

The six episodes of ‘Veronica and the Chinese millionaire’ are released on SVT Play on Sundays and broadcast on SVT1 the same day.

Source: Expressen 

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  1. I´m not going to say anything about if he did it or not, but you´d think that in whatever case that he would at least have contact with his son – especially as the emails he wrote states that it´s a matter of honor and that Marcus is his on. Where is the honor in that I ask? At least acknowledge Marcus is your son, for HIS sake! You made him, that is your offspring walking around, no way around it, no matter if you loved Veronica or not – you slept with her and a child was produced. Take responsibility for him and his life, a life he didn´t ask for but now have to live with all of these questions.

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