Chinese millionaire involved in Swedish murder mystery – full documentary available now

“Veronica and the Chinese millionaire” can be watched at SVT-Play

A Swedish woman called Veronica Lin where found murdered in 2003 in the Swedish town Högsbo. Her husband, a Chinese billionaire named You Lin, was initially convicted for having ordered an assassination but was later vindicated. He is now wanted by Swedish authorities to appear in the Swedish appeal court but so far You Lin has managed to live in hiding.

The full documentary titled “Veronica and the Chinese millionaire” has been aired every Sunday on Swedish TV covering the story of the murder and now the entire documentary can be watched at the Swedish SVT-play site if you have a VPN.

To sum it up, in the documentary, the viewers get to see Veronica and You Lin’s son, Marcus, as he tries to get in contact with his dad for the first time since he left Sweden.

Veronica Lin was found dead on the 18. Marts in 2003 in her neighbor’s apartment in Högsbo. She was 31 years old at the time. Her husband You Lin were suspected of being involved in the murder early on. He was detained at first but was later released. The suspicion against him remained however and in 2014 there was enough evidence to have him arrested in Great Britain and brought to Sweden. He was later accused of incitement to murder by hiring a hitman to kill Veronica and was also convicted of lifetime imprisonment and extradition from Sweden.

But when the trial had to be redone, due to a jury member who was found to be biased, the conviction was changed, and You Lin was vindicated.

The documentary follows the now 22-year-old son of Veronica and You Lin as he tries to approach his dad in China.

“I have always fled from my Chinese ancestry and felt that it was something I wanted nothing to do with. But you cannot run from it. I am half Chinese and You Lin is my dad. I want to know what he thinks of me. I want the confirmation that I am his son,” Marcus says in the documentary.

Marcus gets help from a Chinese researcher to find his dad and after some research, they discover that You Lin today is a director of a major Chinese company even though he is internationally wanted by Sweden.

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