Vietnam hits highest temperature ever recorded 44.1 celsius

Vietnam reported the highest temperature ever recorded in Thanh Hoa, 44.1 degree celsius.

Experts have predicted that it would soon be surpassed because of climate change, reported Yahoo News.

In Hanoi, climate change expert Nguyen Ngoc Huy told AFP that Vietnam’s new record was “worrying” given the “context of climate change and global warming”.

“I believe this record will be repeated many times,” he said. “It confirms that extreme climate models are being proven to be true.”

Neighboring countries like Thailand and Myanmar also have experienced extremely hot weather, temperatures over 40 degree celsius.

Officials of these countries warned people to stay indoors and drink a lot of water in order to prevent suffering from heat stroke.

Nordic people living in the areas are encouraged to share additional information about the weather or how their lifestyle has changed amidst this climate change crisis.

Source: Yahoo News

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