Thailand publishes guidelines for heat stroke treatment

Thailand’s Department of Medical Services (DMS) recently published guidelines for providing first aid to those who are suffering from heat stroke.

As the country has officially entered Summer in March, several areas have faced extremely high temperatures. Annually, about 43 deaths caused by heat stroke are reported.

According to DMS, any individual who having symptoms including these are have more risks to get heat stroke:

A body temperature above 40.5°C, confusion or seizures due to abnormal nervous system functions, and hot and dry skin caused by the body’s inability to produce sweat to cool down.

They should be moved to a shaded, open air area, have any unnecessary clothing removed to facilitate heat loss, have a wet cloth placed on their body, and call the emergency number 1669 for immediate medical attention.

Locals and expats living in Thailand are advised to wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing that allows for good air circulation and avoiding direct sunlight or hot environments, as well as drinking plenty of water, reported Pattaya Mail.

Also, they should attentively schedule outdoor activities in order to avoid the hottest period of the day.


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