Welcome Autumn with Icelandic-Chinese Laufey “Bewitched” jazz tunes

If December is often described as the “holy, jolly” time of a year, it probably does no harm to define October as the time for “magical enchantment.” Because in the northern hemisphere, the start of Harvest Season or “Autumn Equinox” was on 23 September this year.

Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of astronomical Autumn in which activities like apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, watching spooky movies, and celebrating Halloween become popular once again among many households around the world.

Plus, it can widely be seen on social media the way people queued up to order the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” from Starbucks, shopped for their Autumn home decor and scented candles as well as several fashion houses launched their Fall/Winter collection while the leaves are calmly turning brown and crips.

But when you are living in Asia, all of these seem to be over the top, don’t they?, as the only seasons you always experience are either Summer or Monsoon. Therefore, it is best to forget about wearing a sweater outside in the 40-degree-Celsius Bangkok.

It is uncommon in Thailand and other Asian countries to adopt the particular festival, though, this does not mean that you will disconnect with the spirit of Autumn completely. If you are someone who enjoys that cozy, warm vibes the season offers, you should not forget about what can connect us all together; music.

Photo captured from Laufey’s Instagram.

To set the mood right, one of the recommendations goes to “Bewitched,” the new album of the Icelandic-Chinese artist, Laufey. The album was considered the biggest jazz debut album, breaking Spotify’s record by receiving 5.7 million streams on its first day of release.

Writing “Bewitched,” Laufey revealed that she wanted the album to show the more mature side of her. “Now that I’ve grown and experienced more, my songwriting and musical journey also reflects my personal journey as well,” she tells Time Out.

All fourteen tracks of the album were written around the artist’s musical roots like classical and jazz. They are a blend of pop and classical music, creating the autumnal soundtracks in “modern jazz” tunes.

Giving an interview with Vogue Singapore, the artist said she wanted to create an escape for her listeners. “I think it embodies what I want to be as a musician right now. It feels just like a movie.”

Several music critics have expressed their surprise after her album’s release and raised the question of why Laufey’s music does not only speak to general jazz lovers, but it also reached Gen Z so well, creating a phenomenon by bringing them closer to appreciating jazz.
Part of the reasons can be how her songs talk about love fantasy, heartbreaks, self-discovery, self-love, and forming one’s identity which people from different ages can resonate with.

Namely, the song “Dreamer” expresses how little hope one still has for getting to be in a good relationship after experiencing so many disappointed ones. Though, she is still hopeful to find the “right one,” saying “And no boy’s gonna be as smart as to try and pierce my porcelain heart. No boy’s gonna kill the dreamer in me.”

“Second Best ”talks how heartbreaks leave marks, “Haunted,” explores the overwhelming feelings of falling in love, while the cheerly tracks like the song named “Bewitched” itself, ” “Lovesick,” “While You Were Sleeping,” and “From The Start,” can make the corner of your mouth turned up slightly in a smile, thinking back to the spell-binding effects love seem to have on a person.

Photo captured from Laufey’s Instagram.

Exclusively, this new album includes a more personal song Laufey dedicated to her younger self titled “Letter To My 13 Year Old Self” addressing the little confidence and much insecurity our younger selves all experience before. The lyrics say “I wish I could go back and give her a squeeze, myself at 13, and just let her know that she’s beautiful,” which seems to be one of the things we as kids wanted to hear the most at the time.

There is the song “California and Me” which she collaborated with Philharmonia Orchestra, “Misty,” “Promise,” “Serendipity” and more you can check out here as each song brings back the nostalgia as well as planting the fresh, brand-new feelings in your heart.

Almost unconsciously, you might find yourself drawn into the “dreamy, perfect world,” the artist painted by her choice of words and instruments.

Hence in welcoming October, Autumn souls like you can still enjoy the autumnal spirit by filling up your home with Laufey’s voice from “Bewitched” album, making the moment more “significant and mesmerizing” despite the fact that not every part of Asia has maple trees or they even care much about Autumn and else.

Photo captured from Laufey’s Instagram.

Listen to “Bewitched” album now on Spotify and other streaming platforms.


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