What Senior Executives get out of a trusted peer group

Confidential, organised, professional knowledge sharing among Asia’s most talented leaders is facilitated by EGN (Executives’ Global Network) in Singapore.

Your personal customised EGN group represents a confidential forum where all ideas and challenges can be discussed with peers at your own, professional level. Members help each other to face challenges, solve problems and identify opportunities.

With the support of a professional network, you get the opportunity to exchange experience and practices at all managerial levels covering a vast range of subject areas, as well as to strengthen and develop your own skills within management and in specialist areas. Serving as inspiration for the development of you and your business, this also helps effective time and resource optimization. The peer network is your shortcut to “tested” solutions, to comparable challenges served by qualified and relevant sparring partners.

To ensure confidentiality, no competitors or significant customer relationships are permitted in the same group. Also, each group is carefully tailored to members’ profiles, which ensures both adequate input from professionals who match your level of management and discipline.

Peer group members decide the strategic ambition for the group and the themes individually; digital transformation and intelligence has been one our most requested topics recently and always ensures peak engagement.

Also, events and seminars are conducted in all markets to engage, learn and grow within and across the established peer network.

As EGN Singapore keeps on growing these are some of the groups established, and meetings that took place:
Digital Transformation
Under the theme EDGE – leading your digital transformation with value driven portfolio management the peer group was led by Jessie Jie Xia at ThoughtWorks. The fourth industrial revolution is a term that has been thrown around a lot in this digital age but how are you responding? Do you have your digital strategy in place? How is your enterprise gearing up in a world of exponential opportunities? EDGE is an operating model and set of principles that we shared with our members this morning, enabling our members’ to take away, apply and achieve organizational responsiveness within their corporations.

Breakthrough change and leadership
While constantly striving to strengthen your organisation, your team and your people, your business environment is changing ever more rapidly. This means you, and your people, are continuously being challenged to become more agile and adaptive in embracing change.

EGN Singapore, with Roosmarijn Spliet, hosted a session (80+ such events held annually) on breakthrough change and leadership for our Singapore members that proved to be a highly interactive exchange.

Multi ethnic business team consultng during a break at a conference

Online tools
Members also have online access to the largest knowledge base for executives, managers, and specialists with over 15,000 annual questions answered on comparable challenges and issues; and with unique access to global information, knowledge sharing, and relationship-building through the Executives’ Global Network.

Our networks operates within the following framework:
• Groups meet six times each year for a half day at a central Singapore location with dates set a year in advance.
• EGN arranges four cross group meetings or events per year, where, you have the opportunity to meet EGN Singapore members outside your own knowledge sharing group.
• EGN also arranges Focus groups. These groups meet four to six times per year.
• Knowledge sharing in the group is based on the strictest confidentiality.
• EGN provides an experienced facilitator to run all aspects of the group and meetings.
• The group has its own website with contact data, calendar, documents, presentations and mail.

The Swede Nick Jonsson is Managing Director for EGN in Singapore.
Contact details:
M +65 8618 3872
T +65 6932 5069
[email protected]

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