Denmark tops in environmental performance

Denmark ranks 1st in the world, when it comes to environmental performance according to the EPI Index 2020.

The Environmental Performance Index is produced by Yale University and compares the environmental performance of 180 countries. Finland ranks the 7th, Sweden the 8th and Norway on the 9th from the list, representing on how the Scandinavians adopted environmental awareness into their living.
For more information, please view the full list here

On the same day, the International Institute of Management in Lausanne (IMD) 2020 World Competitiveness Ranking has released the top 10 most competitive economies in the world for 2020. Singapore came in first, closely followed by Denmark and Switzerland. Denmark ranks second because of its strong economy, labor market and health and education systems. Moreover, Denmark is performing well when it comes to global investment and productivity and has surpassed the rest of Europe in business efficiency. More of the list, please read here

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