Eltek Suing Chinese companies

Eltek is suing a Chinese company for illegally copying their products. Eltek emphasises that the reason they are pursuing this case is a matter of principle, as the economic losses caused are relatively small.

Eltek is the world leader in power supply systems for the telecommunications industry, and this is one of the products the company believes has been illegally copied. The company which Eltek believes have performed this piracy is a major Chinese company based in South China.

As soon as Eltek found out that this illegal copying had been going on, they gained access to the pirated copies and launched a thorough investigation on the product’s features.

Marketing Director of Eltek, Morten Schøyen said findings from the investigation pointed out that production of the copied product could not possibly have been made by the Chinese company without the illegal use of Eltek’s business secrets.

As part of the company’s product development procedures, Eltek usually integrates hidden menus or codes in the software for different purposes, which includes detection of illegal copying. After inspection, Eltek found that the Chinese company had used Eltek’s private passwords to gain access to copy the products.

Parts of the marketing and user documentation are exact copies of Eltek’s original documentation and websites of the Chinese company makes direct reference to other Eltek Products.

The lawsuit has been carefully prepared in collaboration between technical experts, as well as Norwegian and Chinese lawyers. Friday was a local Chinese court, together with Eltek’s lawyers and representatives of the company, the action of the Chinese company’s production facilities in order to preserve evidence in the case.

Schoyen said Eltek has great faith in the Chinese legal system and its ability to crack down on such illegal activities.

“Eltek emphasises that the background to pursue the matter legally is of principle and that the economic damage caused by these irregularities are modest. Eltek’s technology is world class and is a unique resource. The company will be determined, and without exception, prosecute all violations of patent rights,” Schoyen added.

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