More Danish ‘Newbie Offices’ in Ho Chi Minh City

The Danish Economic and Commercial Office in Ho Chi Minh City expands their office with 90 square meters. Pia Starbæk Szczepanski, commercial counselor at the embassy, is excited over the addition that had been considered for some time and could finally be realized when a neighboring office became available:
“It gives us more office space, but even more importantly, it will allow us to provide Danish companies with an office base in the start-up period.” she says to ScandAsia, Vietnam.
The purpose of the expansion is to provide additional work stations for extra commercial staff members as well as enlarged incubator facilities for Danish companies. The Danish Economic and Commercial Office established in 2011 an incubator facility for Danish companies. It is a plug and play service giving access to office facilities and professional advice from the commercial staff. This allows companies to gain initial experience with the Vietnamese market at limited costs.
Currently 2 Danish companies are using the incubator service and the embassy is in dialog with more companies in Denmark:
“A company can have a physical base at our office, but we also have the possibility of providing a virtual space in the incubator where we at the embassy act as their local point of contact.” Pia Starbæk Szczepanski explains.
The official opening of the new facilities is scheduled for the 9th of February 2012 in connection with the monthly open house arrangement.
The incubator facility helps reduce the risk and costs associated with entering a market substantially different from the Danish market. Pia Starbæk Szczepanski says:
“The offer is especially suitable for start-up companies or small- and medium sized enterprises with limited resources, but the possibility is open for all companies that are new to the Vietnamese market.” 
“Our key selling point for the incubator facility is not the low rental fee – because the local market will offer you comparable prices. We are able to differentiate ourselves because we can offer professional advice and assistance on the issues that arise when considering establishing a business or finding local business partners in Vietnam. “Pia Starbæk Szczepanski adds.

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