Don’t Rent Jet Ski

Jet-Ski scams take place at all tourist destinations in Thailand. Although there are most likely some operators, who do not scam their customers, it is impossible to tell them apart from the scammers. The only protection is not to rent the Jet-Skis. It is not that fun anyway and certainly not worth running the risk.
This weekend, Phuket Wan reports on a case of two Danes, who even had their passports wrongfully confiscated by Phuket police. With the interception of Danish Consul Kenneth Karlsson, they got them back. The claim for damages to the jet-skis were lowered from initially 150.000 baht to 32.000 baht, which the two Danes according to Phuket Wan paid before leaving Phuket to have the last part of their vacation in Thailand elsewhere.

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