Danish Ambassador Turns Off Lights

The Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. John Nielsen and leaders of Hanoi People’s Committee, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, pressed the buttons to turn off the lights for an hour in Hanoi and other cities in Vietnam.

This happened during an event known as the Earth Hour 2012 which took place at the square in front of the Hanoi Opera House in the evening of Saturday 31 March. It is said to be the largest voluntary action of human.

During the 60 minutes of lights out for Earth Hour 2012, Vietnam saved 546,000 kWh of electricity, equivalent to VND 700 million (approx. USD 36.000). Vietnam will strive to save 5-8 percent of energy consumption a year in 2011-2015. According to experts, if the annual saving rate is 3-5 percent, the local electricity industry will save USD 50 million.

The Danish Ambassador is chosen to be one of the four ambassadors for the Earth Hour 2012 together with Vietnamese artists and performers. They call on all organisations, individuals, families and enterprises to join hands in dealing with climate change through practical concrete actions such as turning off unnecessary lights and electrical appliances.

Denmark is supporting the Government of Vietnam in implementing the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Programme. For more information about the Danish activities in energy and green growth, please visit http://vietnam.um.dk/en/green-growth/


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