Danish Consul General Opens Bio-Innovation Forum

“The continuing improvement in the Chinese economy in combination with Europe’s bio-pharmaceutical capacity can help bring international innovative ideas into the Chinese bio-pharmaceutical field for the benefit of all,” said the Danish Consul General, Susanne Hyldelund, in her opening speech at the 5th International Biopharmaceutical Industry Development Innovation Forum.

Denmark works for strengthening innovationMs. Hyldelund also mentioned Denmark’s commitment as current EU Presidency to reinforce EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. Horizon 2020 will run from 2013-2020 and be the world’s largest research and innovation programme with a total budget of more than 650 billion RMB.

“Strengthening research and innovation is one of the EU’s main objectives. We believe our future economic growth and rise in living standard depend on a healthy innovative environment and that enhanced research cooperation and a closer link between research and innovation are in our common interest,” said the Danish Consul General.

Global pharmaceutical innovation is moving eastToday all of the 10 biggest multinational pharmaceuticals have established their R&D centres in China and within 2025 China might be among the five largest bio-pharmacy markets along with US, Europe and Japan.World leading Danish pharmaceutical companies like NovoNordisk, LeoPharma and Lundbeck have all established R&D centres in China, as the populous country is expected to become one of the leading global locations for pharmaceutical research and development.

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