The Finnish Business Council in Shanghai (FBCS) held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 28 April 2012.

The main issue of the AGM was a proposed change of organizational and financing structure of FBCS. The reason for this was that during the last years the activities and services of FBCS have risen to a level to easily match that of any other Nordic chamber of commerce in Shanghai and that the FBCS now is a de facto Finnish chamber of commerce in Shanghai.

The board of 2011 had made an analysis of the situation and come to the conclusion that the current FBCS organization and membership fees are not adequate to sustain the level of services currently provided. A longer term solution is needed. In response to this, the board prepared a proposal for the Annual General Meeting to discuss.

The AGM agreed with the board’s proposal to appoint a part time Executive Director and a part time Operations Manager to ensure the continued regular operations of FBCS.

Furthermore, the AGM decided to approve the board’s proposal of the following structure for the annual membership fee for the 2012-13 terms.

Large Companies: 6000 Yuan per year.
Small and Mid-sized companies: 3000 Yuan per year.
Individuals: 800 Yuan per year.

The definition of a large company is to be either stock exchange-listed, or have over 1000 employees globally. If a company does not have operations within Shanghai it will be counted as an SME. In unclear cases the board will have the final decision.

The 2012-13 terms will start immediately. The annual fee can be paid at the FBCS office or at any FBCS event. Members will be sent further information in April 2012.

The AGM also approved the board’s proposal for the board of directors for the 2012-13 terms. There are some new faces in the crowd. But sadly the Chairman, Tero Kosonen stepped down after three years at the helm. The new composition of the board is listed below.

Mr. Markku Hakala, Outotec China – Chairman
Ms. Laura Vuorenrinne, L-Fashion (Suzhou) Apparel Co., Ltd. – Vice Chairlady
Mr. Matti Järvinen, SKS Co., Ltd. – Treasurer
Mr. Kari Anttila, Project Expeditors Ltd.
Mr. Juha Iivari, Konecranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Pertti Salminen, UPM Kymmene (Changshu) Paper Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Jukka Silander, Technion (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Mikael Simelius, Wärtsilä China Ltd.
Mr. Wangqiu Song, Stora Enso China
Mr. Nalle Stenman, Metso (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Ms. Margit Suurnäkki, Kone Elevators Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kari Virtanen, STX Europe AS Shanghai
Ms. Bo Qin was appointed as secretary of the board.

In a meeting held directly after the AGM, the newly elected board also appointed Mr. Oskar Helling as the Executive Director of FBCS in charge of representing and developing the business council. Ms. Bo Qin was appointed as Operations Manager.

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