Myanmar – Subject of Chambers Dinner Talk

The Chambers in Thailand joint for a dinner talk at the Sheraton Grande Hotel on Thursday 26 April 2012. The topic of the evening was, “Gold, Gas and Generals” A disciplined democracy – understanding the Myanmar way to prosperity.

The event was cooperation between Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, and Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Horst K. Rudolf, former German Ambassador to Myanmar from 1998-2001 was the key note speaker upon the issue.

Approximately 53 members attended the dinner talk. Mr. Axel Blom, president of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, welcomed everyone and presented the program of the evening.

Mr. Blom mentioned that Mr. Rudolf has been working around the world, in exotic locations such as Bolivia, Gabon, Rwanda, Sao Tomé, Belgrade and also Myanmar, where he was posted as Ambassador of Germany.

Mr. Rudolf took over the stage and enlightened the participants with his knowledge of Myanmar.

Mr. Rudolf delved into some of the common (mis)understandings of Myanmar and gave the participants an understanding of the development that Myanmar has gone through, the challenges the country is facing internally but also externally, while focusing on the country’s enormous untapped potential, as well as threats, from a business point of view.

There was also a Q&A section, during which many interesting questions were asked and Mr. Rudolf provided insightful and informative answers.

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