SwedCham Hong Kong held AGM

SwedCham Hong Kong’s Annual General Meeting was held on the top floor of Club Lusitano on 26 April 2012. Some 40-plus members participated in the meeting.

A new board of directors was elected, consisting of Ulf Ohrling, chairman, Mannheimer Swartling; Carl Christensson, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB; Eva Henriksson, Henriksson Consulting; Dan Lindwall, Handelsbanken; Staffan Löfgren, ScanAsia Consulting ; Gunnar Mansfeld, Troy Solutions; Laurence McDonald, Ericsson; Kristian Odebjer, Advokatfirman Odebjer Fohlin; Per Ågren, APC Asia Pacific Cargo.

The chamber thanks the Vice Chairman Niclas Möttus Olsson, who resigned as director, for the time and effort he has put into the chamber’s work and the same time wish him all the best in his future endeavours. The chamber welcomes the new director Carl Christensson.


Ulf Ohrling, [Mannheimer Swartling]
Carl Christensson, [Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB]
Eva Henriksson, [Henriksson Consulting]
Dan Lindwall [Handelsbanken]
Staffan Löfgren [ScanAsia Consulting]
Gunnar Mansfeld, Treasurer [Troy Solutions]
Laurence McDonald, [Ericsson]
Kristian Odebjer, Vice Charirman [Advokatfirman Odebjer Fohlin]
Per Ågren [APC Asia Pacific Cargo]

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