Swedish-Malaysian Fashion Brand Coming to Malaysia

Introducing her first collection at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm with attendance of Swedish Royal family members and Jimmy Choo, a Swedish-Malaysian Designer, IDA Lundberg, will bring her label to wow fashionistas in Malaysia this year.

Educated in Florence and continued her Fashion Design Education at Istituto Marangoni in Milan Italay, the 26-yar-old Ida Lundberg was hired to do an entire collection for a Scandinavian company, GMF Design, upon her graduation. Her first collection was launched in Spring 2011 at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm with presence of Swedish Royal family members and famed Malaysian shoe designer Jimmy Choo OBE.

Discovered her dreams of having own label since she started her design course in Milan, Lunberg special specializes both in women’s pret-a-porter and haute couture dresses. Her creation can be recognized by its soft drapes and structured lines. Classical elements are fused with contemporary shapes, creating stunning pieces that are both innovative and wearable. The heart of the brand combines the East and West, the past and the future.

Her label is well-accepted in Scandinavia and Paris. Multi-brand stores in London and the Middle East will carry her label in Fall.  She is keen to bring her label to Malaysia in September as well.
To ensure her collection mirrors the colours of Malaysia, she recently made a trip down with her father and sister to Malaysia. Her father, Mat Nor Idris, hails from Ipoh and has ensured his daughters visit Malaysia as often as possible.

Lundberg is inspired by the green landscapes in Malaysia and during a recent trip to the east-coast, she viewed batik printing.

“I will go back and think of a design for the batik and send it over to thebatik makers to replicate,” she said.

When asked if she would have to tweak her collection to suit the Asian market, she said she probably would have to add a few more pieces to the collection. However, Lundberg said that fashion has become so global that most of her pieces would appeal to the Malaysian market.

Most of Lundberg’s collections are evening dresses, cocktail pieces made from silk and chiffon.

Since her sister Vanja Sara is one of her muses, Lunberg has named a collection after her sister’s name.

Today “Ida Lunberg” can be found in seven countries on three continents.

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