Danish Ambassador bids Copenhagen for WTC 2015

The Danish Ambassador to Thailand is bidding Copenhagen as host for the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) 2015 as he delievered a speech and performed at the Sheraton Hotel Bangkok on 22 May. As a former resident of Copenhagen, the Ambassador gave his warmest recommendations for the city.

He emphasised on the infrastructure of the city highlighting the nature and flourishing cultural scene, some of the aspects which makes Copenhagen one of the most livable cities in Europe.

After his speech, the ambassador presented a musical performance with a guitar easing the atmosphere in the hall.

Unfortunately, for Copenhagen, the announcement was made the next day and Croatia was awarded the honour of hosting WTC 2015 instead. According to many in the crowd, including the competitors, Denmark was a worthy runner-up.

The Ambassador’s endorsement and music performance was an informal addition to a very professional, convincing and technical proposal made by the Danish Society for Tunnels and Underground Works (DFTU).

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