Swedish Café Fika Millennia Launch

Swedish Café Fika launched its second branch on Millennia Walk in the heart of Singapore’s luxury hotel area on 30 May 2012. The new branch features all the Swedish signature dishes the café has become known for, as well as several new additions.

The opening of the café’s first branch on Arab Street was three years ago. Its business has since expanded and led them to a diverse group of customers.

Co-owner of Fika Joakim Smidhagen stated in a press release that both the cafés were designed to give customers a full Swedish experience. The first one has a feel like a country home, while the second, as a chic city home.

“Instead of replicating the country-style interiors of our first branch in Arab Street, we decided to go with a nostalgic Swedish mid-century feel,” he said.

Moving on to the delicious details, on Fika’s menu are items that you would typically find in many cafés in Swedish cities.

Take for example a platter of pickled herring served with rye bread and a boiled egg or the chilled rosehip soup and fresh salads served with shrimp, leeks, olives, mustard and Swedish roe.

For mains, favourites include juicy meatballs served with potatoes and lingonberry jam or the Swedish beef hash served with a sunny-side-up and sliced beetroot.

Those looking for a light meal can find favour in the savoury crepes stuffed with juicy shrimps, smoked salmon, mushrooms, roast beef or grilled chicken. Also available are a variety of open-faced sandwiches with toppings like meatballs, smoked salmon or shrimp and egg.

Last but definitely not least, when tea time swings by, customers can delight in some authentically Swedish sweets in the form of pancakes served with ice cream and strawberry jam, homemade chocolate balls and cinnamon buns or the hallonkräm med mjölk, sweet Swedish raspberry cream, served with fresh cold milk.

The opening hours of the café are 11:00 to 22:00 Sunday through Wednesday and 11:00 to 23:00 Thursday through Saturday. For reservations at the Fika Millennia, call +65 6336 7234.

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