Petersen Machinery Expands to China

Denmark’s Petersen Machinery has registered and started up a Sales and Service company based in Shanghai, China. The company, named CIDAN Machinery Trading Shanghai Co. Ltd., will sell and service Petersen Machinery’s sheet metal machines under the brand name CIDAN throughout China.

The marketed machines will be the entire machine portfolio ranging from Power Folders, Mechanical Shears, Cut-to-Length Lines, and Decoilers up to as thick as eight millimetres in mild steel.

The new company, CIDAN Machinery Trading, is owned 70% by Petersen Machinery Denmark A/S and the remaining 30% by the Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU).

The company will do both direct sales but also sell through distributors to cover a larger part of China. At the CIMES 2012 exhibition in Beijing from 12 to 16 June, the company will kick-start its establishment by having a booth there.

Staff will consist of trained local Chinese employees, but the Board of Directors will have members that represent the shareholders and also external members who will bring in required knowledge of the local conditions.

Petersen Machinery is a medium-sized company with a history of 105 years, producing machines for the thin sheet metal industry at production plants in Europe.

The company’s headquarters is in Denmark however the brand has a strong presence in Sweden. In particular, the program within power folding machines has a unique position in the market as these machines provide the users with a range of advanced possibilities which are not known to Chinese companies within the thin sheet metal industry today.

Today, machines from Petersen Machinery are sold at all key markets in Europe, South America as well as in North America where the company has its own sales office.

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