SwedCham’s Business Confidence Survey

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong in cooperation with the Swedish Trade Council Greater China South presents The Business Confidence Survey (BCS) 2012.

The survey consisted of questions related to China’s business climate and expectations of changes in the business climate in the next three or four years. Apart from that the results of the survey also showed the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in China/Hong Kong.

The response to the current business climate here was overall positive with 19 per cent of the respondents seeing the climate as “very favourable” and 75 per cent as “favourable”. Six per cent of the respondents viewed the business climate as “not favourable”, which is a slight decrease compared to last year’s survey.

As for their view for China in the next three or four years, 76 per cent of the respondents believe the business climate will be “about the same” and 18 per cent thinks it will be “more favourable”. Only six per cent of the respondents had a negative outlook for the near future.

Also, companies with 1 to 10 employees have a considerably more optimistic outlook for the future than companies with 11 or more employees.

The summary of the annual survey monitors the business climate among Sweden-related companies in Hong Kong. The Chamber has conducted identical yearly surveys on the member companies’ business confidence in Hong Kong since 1997.

The objectives for the survey are as follows:

  • To monitor the business confidence of the member companies in Hong Kong, concerning their own, and Hong Kong’s future.

  • To assess Hong Kong’s future role in the region and as a gateway to mainland China.

  • To compare the results with the previous identical surveys.

For more details of the survey results, visit these links:

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