Vietnam – Sweden Friendship Association New President

The 4th National Congress of the Vietnam – Sweden Friendship Association elected Vice Minister of Justice Hoang The Lien as the President of the Association for the term 2012-2017.

Marie Ottosson, Charge’ d’ Affairs and Minister for the Development Cooperation Section at the Embassy was very glad to learn that so many friends of Sweden, either retired or are still working, either from projects which marked the beginning of the Swedish traditional cooperation support to Vietnam or the current projects.

These traditional projects include Bai Bang Paper Mill, Olof Palme Hospital, Uong Bi Hospital or the current projects under the recently introduced mode of cooperation – Partner Driven Cooperation including projects working with prioritised areas of anti-corruption, environment and climate change were elected as the members of the new Executing Committee of the Association.

Ottosson warmly congratulated the new president and all elected members and said “the Vietnam- Sweden friendship association plays an important role in not only strengthening our friendship, but also promoting the culture, trade and investment opportunities of Vietnam to the Swedish people and business community”.

She concluded by emphasising that “Sweden and Vietnam have been friends for a long time, and I am sure that we will continue to be friends for many more years.”

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