Danish Employees Should Learn Chinese

According to an analysis conducted by hotels.com based on book information from approximately 150, 000 hotels worldwide the numbers of Chinese tourists at holiday destinations around the world are increasing with a significant 22 percent increase in 2011 alone.

Due to this drastic increase, Managing Director of hotels.com in Asia and the Pacific Johan Svanstrom suggested that employees at Danish hotels and tourist attractions should commit to learn Chinese in order to cater to these tourists.

He said Chinese tourists account for an astonishing 70 million international travels in 2011 alone.

“Implementation of strategies adapted specifically to the Chinese traveler is now changing from being an additional benefit to an absolute necessity if you want to compete for the favor of the Chinese tourists,” he added.

According to several experts, China will overtake Germany and the U.S. as the world’s most active travel nation within few years, but Denmark is not currently among the Chinese favorite destinations.

The Chinese are known to spend much money when they are on vacation, and with more than one billion Chinese people, there are endless opportunities to make money if they are catered to well enough.

Johan Svanstrom said there are several approaches to take when it comes to targeting the Chinese market.

Firstly, sufficient marketing strategies have to be developed to reach the Chinese market. Since the number of Chinese Internet users has now gone beyond 500 million users, it would be useful to focus on online marketing.

Secondly, he said the hotel owners should adapt to meet the expectations to hotel services and needs of the growing number of Chinese tourists demand.

Currently, the Chinese primarily travel to neighboring regions such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, while London and Paris are the cities in Europe the Chinese currently prefer.

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