Strong Ties between Chinese Talent and Denmark Can Lead to Investment from China

Attracting Chinese talent to Denmark and ensuring links to Danish universities and companies can secure closer ties between Denmark and China and possibly investments in the future, writes the Danish media Børsen.

The establishment of Sino-Danish Network’s Chinese alumni to Denmark is not only for maintaining ties of talented Chinese to Denmark, but is also a way to attract new talent to Denmark.

Members of the Alumni can connect with each other, Danish universities and companies. Moreover, they also function as ambassadors to represent Denmark to other Chinese students and professionals.

Zhang Yu, a PhD graduate from DTU and a member of the network, tells Børsen that he is happy to recommend studying in Denmark to students in China. She is a member of the Novozymes research team in Beijing, and recommends Denmark because of the unique teaching style and competences she gained during her education.

These close ties to Denmark do not only secure talented labour to Denmark, but can also generate investments in Denmark in the long run.

An example is the newly established Genom Research Center in Denmark. The director Yang Huanming graduated with a PhD from University of Copenhagen in 1988, and his close connection to Denmark was one of the reasons the centre was placed here.

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