Thai Brand ‘Kitchen Joy’ is No. 1 Asian Ready Meal in Scandinavia

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) aims to expand its ready meal products branded “Kitchen Joy” in Scandinavian market, where it plans to enter Norway in the last quarter of this year. Recently the company has sponsored the famous Danish reality show “Tempted season 2” aiming to increase the brand awareness among young professionals in Denmark, and to increase revenue by 40-50%.

Mr. Christian Juhl, Director at CPF Denmark, revealed that ‘Kitchen Joy’ brand has penetrated Finland, Denmark and Sweden last year. According to Mr. Juhl, the brand was well received by Scandinavian market where it has a market share of 94% in Finland, 70% in Denmark and 14% in Sweden.

The success of the brand derives from its extensive menu which includes Thai, Indian, Chinese and Japanese ready meal products. The Thai food menu, for example, offers a good selection such as popular red curry, green curry, panang curry, and pad praew wan. It also offers various chicken menu such as Chilli sauce chicken and Terriyaki chicken.

‘Kitchen Joy’ is a strong brand of frozen food in Scandinavia. The brand targets trendy Scandinavians aged 15 to 35 who enjoy tasty food with convenience. The product package is paper box which is easy for takeaway. Since Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Scandinavians, many of them are familiar with Thai food, thus, making Kitchen Joy number 1 Asian Ready meal in Scandinavia.

The company aims to generate the revenue of 33 million baht from the three countries; Finland, Denmark and Sweden. The company plans to do 360 degree marketing where it aims to do marketing both above and below the line to stimulate sales.

The company expects that the revenue will increase by 40-50% each year where the target revenue of this year is 800 million baht, which will increase by 600 million baht from last year. The company believes that the market expansion is feasible due to its extensive products menu and increase in channels of distribution. The company expects the sales revenue of ‘Kitchen Joy’ to increase to 2,500 million baht by 2015.

Recently the company has sponsored the famous Danish reality show “Tempted Season 2”. The company believes that the audience of the show is its target customers. The show will be on Danish TV in September to November 2012. The company expects to increase the brand awareness as the show should be screened both on Danish TV and on-line.

The company has sponsored the show for 3 million baht. It also prepares a budget of 13 million baht for sales promotion activities during the time that show is running. The company believes that the revenue generated during the screening period should increase more than 40-50%.

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