Danish Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition

The exhibition themed “A Boat is a Boat, Is a Boat a Boat?” by Danish artist Mette Saabye is being held at the Atta Gallery in Bangkok. The solo exhibition of the artist’s contemporary art jewelry began on 17 July and will go on until 19 August 2012.

This exhibition also marks the first time a Scandinavian artist has been featured at the gallery. Following this, there will be exhibitions by Swedish artists in May next year as well as another Danish artist in December 2013.

Atty from the Atta Gallery explained that the theme came from the artist’s intention to find a suitable one for her conceptual jewelry. She then thought of a simple object familiar to everyone, a boat.

Though it is quite straight-forward an object, everyone seemed to have different ideas or stories relating to boats. As a matter of fact, people in different cultural background view boats differently or have different images of boats in their minds.

Mette asked 50 Danish people about their first experiences or memories of a boat and from them designed 23 pieces of jewelry, based on the stories and details given to her by those who participated.

Through Mette’s story-telling jewelry, the public is given an opportunity to see how this form of art can also be a medium for artistic expressions and a way of communicating stories.

The jewelry collection will for sale at the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition. After that, the pieces will be returned to the artist back in Copenhagen. The gallery however, carries a small collection of Mette’s small-edition pieces all year round.

To get to the ATTA Gallery, you can either drive or take a BTS to Sapan Taksin station. It is on the Silom Line towards Wong Wien Yai. From there, it is a 15-minute walk on Charoenkrung Road or a very short motorcycle or taxi journey. The gallery is close to the Oriental Hotel in the Charoenkrung area.

For more information about the exhibition or how to get to the ATTA Gallery, visit http://www.attagallery.com/ or, call 089-143 7216 or 02-238 6422.

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