The Sa Kaeo killing: Police confirms that Wassan was Jeeranan’s former boyfriend

Police officer Tamanon, Sakaeo Police department, confirms that Wassan Naseub, who was killed on Friday by a 17-year-old Swede, was Jeeranan Tathong’s boyfriend before she moved to Sweden with her mother. Several media have reported that they  only knew each other from facebook, and that they only recently got acquainted. That is not the case.

In Sweden, Jeeranan and the minors Swede met. He tells ScanAsia, that they became a couple six months ago. They went together to Thailand on July 12 on a holiday and should have returned to Sweden mid August.




Stabed in the back


Tamanon has not yet decided, how the police relates to the defendant’s assertion that the killing was self defence.
“All five stabs were in Wassan’s back. This questioning the claim for self-defence,” says Tamanon.
The explanations from the defendant and from Jeeranan to the police are consistent. Both tells that Wassan rushed through the door and locked Jeeranan out. Jeeranan immediately heard quarrel from the room, which are in accordance with the defendant explanation, that Wassan starts to yell and shov him, the moment he entered the room.
Unfortunately, Chantra Hotel doesn’t have any CCTV that could confirm what was happening when Wassan got to the hotel. A fact, the Swede found difficult to comprehend, when ScandAsia spoke with him.
Tamanon expects the Swede’s case will be send to court in two or three months.







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