Danish Ambassador Talks about Waste Management in Vietnam

On August 7, 2012, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) organized a launching ceremony of waste management in Vietnam. The event took place in Hanoi with attendees being representatives from governmental ministries, international organization agencies and media.

H.E. Danish Ambassador John Nielsen opened the workshop by emphasizing the environmental burden of solid waste management in developing countries like Vietnam.

“An alarming rate of solid waste generation can be seen as a consequence of population growth, urbanization, industrialization and economic development,” says the Ambassador. 

This statement is supported by the findings of the report which shows that the total amount of solid waste nationwide increases 10 % annually and are expected to increase further in terms of volume and toxic level.

Vietnam has already come a long way in improving the management of solid waste, but a change of mind-set is necessary in order to successfully resolve the environmental costs of the increase in solid waste.

According to Mr. John Nielsen Vietnam should learn from the experience of Denmark, where solid waste management is treated as a resource rather than a burden.

“Waste is no longer a leftover by-product, but has now become a valuable resource as it can provide raw materials for production, nutrients for agriculture and a source of energy,” he added.

The ambassador expressed the hope that the findings of the report will ensure a better understanding of the importance of environmental sustainable solid waste management in Vietnam’s path towards green growth, thereby serving as a key document for decision makers in the years to come.

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