Volvo’s new C30 EV to be tested in China

Safety is part of the Volvo brand. So when Volvo decided to make a electric test model of their C30 model, they also decided that it had to be just as safe as an standard gasoline powered.

The C30 has past  frontal collision test, offset collision test where 40 percent of the front hits a barrier, both at 64 kph. And it has gone true side collision and rear –end impacts. In all test , the C30 Electric has proven just as safeas it’s  gasoline counterpart.

Green car of the year
The 4th China New Energy Mobility Summit named the C30 “Green car of the year” and now it’s time to test the vertical in real life, 15 C30 Electric will be part of an event called EV 100 days.  The project will see “qualified volunteer drivers” test a C30 Electric for, well, 100 days.
Volvo in a statement, will use the journals of the drivers to learn more about driving habits as well as how the C30 Electric stands up to rigorous daily traffic and climates. These experiences will be used by Volvo, should the Swedish/Chinese automaker decides to make a production version of the C30 Electric.

Second home market
Volvo is owned by Chinese automaker Geely. When Freeman Shen, the senior vice president of Volvo Car Corporation and chairman of China Operations, spoke at the delivery of the 15 cars, he called it “introducing it to our second home market.” Volvo C30 will be tested in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the United States. Volvo has produced 250  test models of the C30 Electric

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