Durable Swedish design to be marketed in China

On 13 September Minister of Trade Ewa Björling will perform the opening of SDHouse (Sino-Swedish Design House) in Shanghai. An event aiming to make the Chinese design market within reach for Swedish design agencies.

SDHouse is a platform presenting Swedish design to Chinese design buying companies. After an initial period of establishment activities SDHouse are now taking the next step. SDHouses insight into the Chinese environment and culture will now be used to facilitate the Swedish designer’s capture of a new geographic area.

By marketing, selling and managing projects, it is the aim to generate Swedish exports and create a space for Swedish design in China. Particularly, the sustainability focus of the Swedish product and service are in demand and needed to bring the Chinese design market forward.

“Swedish design services have much to offer the new markets. In a broader perspective, the introduction of Swedish designservice in China is part of the Swedish efforts to increase service exports in general. Sweden has the potential to become a leading service exporter, and design is a good place to begin,” said Bob Lee, Professor of Design and founder of SDHouse.

SDHouse efforts are supported by the Konstfack University and SVID (Swedish Industrial Design Foundation). After the opening ceremony on September 13, SDHouses employees begins the hunt for specific missions which will be implemented in cooperation with Swedish design agencies.

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