Swedish Export to Indonesia up 30 Percent

In 2011 Swedish export to Indonesia rose with 30 percent to more than SEK 5 billion. It is mainly telecommunication equipment, paper and pulp, machinery for pulp, machinery for metal industry, agricultural machinery and trucks that drives the export.

Sweden it one of few European countries that exports more than they imports from Indonesia. The Swedish import declined with three percent in 2011 to one billion SEK. The imports mostly consist of furniture, tea, shoes, commodities and food.

Indonesia is with its 240 million people the fourth largest country in the world measured on population. 58 percent living on the main island Java, making it the most populous island in the world.

Recent years Indonesia has had a economic growth at about six percent. Experts assume the growth could be eight to nine percent if Indonesia invested more in infrastructure. With an investment rate in infrastructure as low as three percent of its BNP, Indonesia is far behind other Asian countries as China and India, which both invest around eight percent in infrastructure.

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