Sino Danish Alumni get-together at the Embassy

On Friday 31 August the Danish Embassy in China had a small get together, in order to welcome the new Danish SDC (Sino-Danish Center) students to China. Danish Ambassador, Friis Arne Petersen, held a speech followed by a small reception.

Courageous students build up new study programme

The new SDC students begin their studies in September and in this week the Danish students are introduced to their new life in China. As a part of their introduction week was a visit to the Danish Embassy where they were welcomed by the Ambassador.

“I’m impressed by the courage and wisdom that you are your Chinese co-students has displayed by participating in this study programme. This project only exist very few places in the world. I’m proud of the project that you represent and it will be very interesting to follow from the sideline” the Ambassador said.

Friendships add value for business

After the speech the Embassy was host for a small reception, where the new SDC students had the possibility to meet employees from the Embassy. The new students were very eager to begin their new life in China, and one of them said:

“The study programme takes two years, which really gives me the possibility to learn about Chinese culture and to get Chinese friends while I’m here. It’s very important for me, that the time here is profitable both professionally and socially. It’s important for em to know the culture well, when I would like to work here in the future”.

The students are all accepted to one of the four new master programmes that SDC launches for the first time this September. Read more about the new educations and the Sino-Danish Center here.

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