Norwegian who killed friend released on bail

Tuesday morning a 36 year old Norwegian nicknamed Bubu, who was wanted by the police for killing the 43 year old Jarle Nygaard, reported himself to the Police in Pattaya. After questioning him, he was released on bail of 200,000 baht.

Had just won lawsuit
The victim Jarle Nyegaard moved to Pattay in 2007. Here he invested millions of Norwegian kroner in building Hotel Selection Pattaya together with a local business partner. The two business partners disagreed on their business, and for some time Jarle Nygaard feared to loose his investment, friends tell to After years of legal wrangling he recently won a lawsuit, securing his investment.

Planned to move back to Norway
According to Jarle Nygagaard’s younger sister Heide Havn, he planned to move back to Norway.

“He just wanted to come home, The last years we had frequent contact on skype, and even he had a girlfriend in Thailand, he wanted to come back to what was most important for him, his family in Norway,” she tells

“It was particularly important to him, after our mother and grandparents died,” she says.

Not a killer
Both Jarle Nygaard and Bubu were a part of the Norwegian expat-community in Pattaya and both came from Bergen. They were friends and often played golf together.

“They were both nice guys. This is tragic for us,” says a man in his 50s who has played golf with the two.

The incident that caused Jarle Nygaards dead happened at Kåre’s Party Bar. Owner Kåre Anmarkrud tells that the community are amazed at what has happened.

“I have been told that there was a disagreement. Jarle intended to drive home on his moped and Bubu wanted to stop him.  Some puffing occurred but not a wild fight,” says Anmarkrud to BA.

Heide Havn don’t see her brother’s death as a crime either.

“Although he caused my brother’s death, I do not see him as a killer. This was an accident that went terribly wrong,” she says.

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