Danish education and career promoted at Tongji University

Tongji students had the opportunity to get a closer look at Danish education and career, when Sino-Danish Network presented opportunities at Danish universities and companies at Aalto Design Factory, Tongji University in Shanghai on Tuesday September 25th, 2012.

Alumni from Technical University of Denmark, Mr. Xiguang Xu and Ms. Xiuxiu Ye shared their experiences from Denmark and inspired the Tongji students to think of Denmark as a destination for their further studies.

Fellow Tongji student, Mr. Dong Hanlin, who won a competition in the spring 2012, enjoyed a free trip to Denmark exploring Danish engineering universities and companies, explained the students, how Denmark is now a part of his future education plans.

Denmark Day
The event was a pre-event to the larger Denmark Day at Fudan University October 18th, where 7 out of 8 Danish universities and 9 Danish companies in China will take part in the largest ever career and education fair Denmark has ever hosted in China. Read more about Denmark day on the website www.sinodanishnetwork.com/Denmark-Day

For more information about Sino-Danish Network and Denmark Day please contact:
Signe Skov Andersen
Daily Manager of Sino-Danish Network
Email: [email protected]

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