Ladies Night with Georg Jensen

KU DÉ TA has lifted the profile of ladies night in Singapore to a whole new level – presenting their Diamond Life theme event on Wednesday September 19th, 2012.

KU DÉ TA is where some of the most glamorous events are held, the club lounge is all about luxury, high fashion, lifestyle and glamour.

The Success of Ladies night takes place every Wednesday, but this Wednesday was a special event as Danish Georg Jensen took part in Diamond Life, inviting approximately 100 VIPs of its own existing clients to this exclusive must be seen event.

The ladies were treated to a night of free flow Lychee Martinis in a private VIP area of KU DÉ TA and had the chance to take home an iconic Vivianna Oval diamond watch – the lucky winner was Ms. Peiyi Nguee.

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