Two Norwegian architects change lives of needy in Asia

Two young Norwegian architects Andreas Grontvedt Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad, founders of TYIN tegnestue Architects, has change lives for orphans in the remote villages of Noh Bo and Ban Tha Song Yong in Tak Province, Thailand, by building huts for the kids in the first and a library and bathhouse in the latter.

In Bangkok they collaborated with Bangkok-based CASE Studios Architect to build a community library and gathering space in a derelict shoplot housed in a 100-year-old market building in the slums of Min Buri.

Their biggest and most important project so far is the Cassia Co-op Community project in Sumatra, Indonesia.  A French businessman, ask the duo to design and build a sustainable cinnamon school for local farmers and workers.

“Cassia is one of the most important works we’ve done because it affects more people. Also, we managed to combine ideas from earlier projects into this project and improve on the things we’ve done wrong before and fix the mistakes,” says Gjertsen.

They recently won the European Prize for Architecture 2012, which is given to architects “who have demonstrated a significant contribution to humanity and to the built environment through the art of architecture”.

Read The Stars article about the two Norwegian award winning architects:Two Norwegians’ architecture of necessity.


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