Pool Party for YP and Students in Hong Kong

In the weeks up to the big pool party for the new students in Hong Kong, emails were written and sent out to universities in both Denmark and Hong Kong. On September 22, 2012, the day had finally arrived where the party would be held after all the preparations and planning.

120 young professionals from Denmark and Sweden, and also even from Estonia, Korea and Croatia, showed up for the event.

Welcome drinks were served and people quickly started to chat with each other and making new friends. Names and numbers were exchanged around the tables in the pool area at Mariner’s Club in Hong Kong and people where having a great time.

Lunch was served, featuring burgers, french fries and hotdogs, and even though the old saying warns that you shouldn’t swim right after eating, people jumped in the pool after they finished their food.

Those who had been in Hong Kong for a while were surprised. One said that she hadn’t brought her bathing suit, because at all the pool parties she had ever been to in Hong Kong no one ever actually got in the pool. But the Danes and Swedes could not care less. They swam around and enjoyed cooling down from the warm weather, which most weren’t yet used to.

Earlier it had been the responsibility of the trainees at the Danish General Consulate and the Assistants of the Danish Seamen’s Church to prepare these events, but after the Danish General Consulate was recently closed a new cooperation structure had to be made. Since the Danish and Swedish Chambers of Commerce were already planning similar events it seemed ideal to combine them. This is how this Scandinavian event came to be and it surely was a success.

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