Swedish lady in a wheelchair robbed in Rayong

Anna Julin, a 42-year-old Swedish tourist in Rayong, lost her passport, cellphone, iPad, and camera  after two men snatched her bag outside a Rayong market. The thieves had initially asked to use her cigarette lighter but snatched her bag and escaped on a motorbike instead.

Pol. Lt. Sanor Rattanapholsaen, Deputy Inspector of the Rayong police station received the report of the incident. Police went to inspect the scene and found the victim sitting on her wheelchair at the Star shopping center market in Amphur Muang.

Anna identified the two thieves as around the age of 20, 170 cm tall, somewhat fat, with darkish black-red skin color. They were riding a black, Honda model CBR but she didn’t get the license number of the vehicle.

Pol. Col. Sukitti Sawaikiet said the descriptions of the two thieves have been passed around to other officers, detectives and the police in the area sentry boxes.

The rescue officer of Sawarngpornkusol foundation also assisted in pursuing the thieves. However, the thieves escaped into Baan Don market, which at that time had a heavy traffic jam so the thieves eluded police and made their escape.

During further questioning, Anna told police that she had come to Thailand to escape from the cold weather in her hometown. She had rented a house in Koh Samed in Rayong province.

The police said they will investigate to pursue and arrest the thieves because they took advantage of a disabled tourist and also ruined the good image of Rayong for tourists.

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