TSCC scholarships for Thai students’ study in Sweden

The Thai-Swedish Camber of Commerce will be providing scholarships this year for Thai students who wish to pursue their education in Sweden in 2013.

There are many differences between Thailand and Sweden including culture, school system and language.

In 2011, the Swedish government introduced tuition fees for citizens from non-EU/ESS countries. The fee will be set by the institutions themselves and will cover the full cost of studies. Therefore the fee levels may vary depending on the type of course, institution and in what part of Sweden the course is given.

The aim of this scholarship program is to promote the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC) as well as Sweden as a country.

It would allow students to go to Sweden to pursue Masters Courses giving them an opportunity to experience life abroad. At the same time, they are also able to gain an insight of Swedish culture as well as the Swedish language, if they wish to, through this trip.

This program will provide a limited number of Thai students with the opportunity to study at Swedish Universities on a Masters level and support them for the cost of living, return ticket and more.

AIT Asian Institute of Technology as well as several Swedish universities are partners in this program.
For more information and booking please contact our office K Jiraya at [email protected]

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