Two Finnish movies present, one nominated in World Film Festival Bangkok

     The two Finnish films, “Bad Boys – A true Story” and “Honey Baby”, of which the latter has been nominated for the Harvest of Talents Award, will be shown at the new EGV Metropolis cinema on Rajdamri Road, Bangkok.
     “Honey Baby” is a movie about an American musician, who, after many years on the road, ends up in Germany. The movie follows the musician through the Baltic countries and finally in Kaliningrad meets a Russian runaway bride.
The movie is directed by the well known Rio De Janeiro based Finnish director Mika Kaurismaki.
     “Bad Boys – A true Story”, a famous true story in Finland, illustrates the lives of four brothers in a Hollywood like approach. The “bad boy” brothers live under the watchful eye of their father who suffers paranoid schizophrenia. The movie follows the misdeeds committed by the four after their father was admitted to a mental institution.
     The 2nd World Film Festival of Bangkok is organized by the Nation Newspaper and is held for the second time. The festival will be show more than 80 international films.
     For more information visit the Film Festivals website at:

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