Death of Norwegian expert in Malaysia exploited by sect


The death of 53 year old Norwegian expert Stig Erik Lyng Thursday morning now sparks rumours of conspiracy on the internet. A strange community which believes in aliens exploits Stig Erik Lyng’s dead by claiming that he intended to warn the South East Asian population on a coming disaster.

Stig Erik Lyng was leading a team of specialist on board MV Pendamar maintaining a tsunami buoy at Sipadan Island on Sabah’s east coast when an explosion occurred. He was rushed to the Semporna Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. He is survived by his wife and two children.

According to a statement from the Malaysian Meteorological Department, Lyng was one of the most experienced engineers in this field with more than 30 years of experience and had been involved with the National Tsunami Early Warning System (SAATNM) programme since its implementation in 2005. Since the fatal incident the maintenance of the tsunami buoy in Pulau Sipadan has been halted.

Local authorities were quoted Sunday by New Straits Times for suspecting a gas leak to be the cause of the explosion, while the sect on their webpage claims he was killed by the elite in Malaysian, because they wants to keep the sinking of the Sunda Plate (the tectonic plate on which the majority of Southeast Asia is located) secret for the public to avoid panic.

The outrageous claim posted by a “Howard” on
“The 30 year veteran of buoy maintenance was an honest man, and was expected to simply tell the truth to the public, and for this he lost his life, murdered by the elite in Malaysia.”

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