Radical Design Week 2012 in Shanghai features Finland’s creativity

Radical Design Week 2012 (RDW2012) in Shanghai has started on 26 October! Finland’s future-oriented design and innovation will be featured until 4 November.

Around 40 events feature Finnish design in art, architecture, fashion, furniture, animation, film, food, technology, services and education.

Its relaxed, egalitarian and play-oriented classrooms seem diametrically opposite those of stereotypical East Asian systems that emphasize exhaustive work, test-taking and memorization. Students consistently score near the top of international tests and its success will be discussed in forums in Shanghai where students also excel and recently topped world charts.

Exhibitions to be held include “Design Colors Life” which will feature the works of trend-setting designers at the Museum of Contemporary Art from October 26 to December 7, a Finnish animation film show at the Daning Theater on November 2 and the NEXT Design Exhibition opening October 31 at Tongji University.

During the week, Santa Claus from Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa in Lapland, will take part in various events and visit local and international schools.

China’s first Angry Birds Activity Park, hosted by Shanghai Tongji University, will be launched around 31 October.

RDW2012 is part of two major 2012 design events: Shanghai-D Week 2012 and World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. It is also part of the EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

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