Danish company held open house for members of DanCham

Danish supplier of climate control technology for farms, Skov Asia invited members and friends of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce to an Open House event at their new office in Sukhumvit 71 Bangkok on October 25th, 2012.

More than 30 members and friends gathered at the new facility of SKOV Asia Ltd. where the guests were warmly welcomed by Mr. Thomas Orthaus Hansen, Managing Director, SKOV ASIA LTD. The evening was kicked off with a short general presentation about the SKOV company, which also highlighted the fact that SKOV has production departments in Thailand, China and Cambodia. Still, as a result of SKOV’s belief in the importance of maintaining a solid home market, the company is also running with full activity in Denmark. Nevertheless, it was well highlighted that 90 percent of turnover comes from the export markets.

In 2012 SKOV A/S was nominated for ”growth company of the year within agriculture and foods sector” (in Danish:”Årets Vækst Virksomhed indenfor Landbrug & Fødevarer”). SKOV A/S was in the top 4 and in celebration of this fine achievement a short video presentation had been made and was shown to the participants at the event.

About SKOV

SKOV is an industry leader on the international market for climate control and production monitoring of animal production.We develop, produce and market systems and components for ventilation systems, livestock house air cleaning and production control. We create climate for growth, regardless of where in the world our customers and partners conduct their business.

The history of SKOV

The brothers Kristen and Kjeld Skov founded the company in 1954 at the old manor Østergaard Hovedgaard in Åsted in Nordsalling, Denmark.In those days, the farm had a large stock of cattle and pigs,but in the mid-60’s, the farm switched to broiler production which resulted in a need for controlling ventilation.The first SKOV ventilation systems were developed with cast-iron inlets and compressed-air cylinders as automatic units.

The sale of ventilation solutions for poultry and pig houses started in 1966, thus establishing the foundation of today’s SKOV.The ventilation department expanded concurrently with the poultry production and a new feed factory was established at Østergaard.Thanks to the highly successful development and sale of ventilation systems, a new factory was built in Glyngøre.In 1979, the ventilation department and its eight employees moved into new premises at Hedelund.

The removal boxes had hardly been unpacked before the number of employees had increased to 22; and soon after, the first building extension plans were presented. In the summer of 1981, the first extension of the company was ready for use. Several extensions followed in the years to come so that the company today has a staff of 275 employees and more than 11,000 m2under roof.

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