The European melt down and why the Nordic economies perform so well

At the breakfast meeting at Radisson Blu in Beijing on Nov 1st Jan Häggström, Chief Economist and Head of macro research at Svenska Handelsbanken, delivered a presentation to members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Beijing on the topic “The European melt down, and why the Nordic economies perform so well” followed by a panel debate with Annika Melander, Commercial Counselor at the EU delegation.

Moderator of the breakfast meeting was Fredrik Ektander from SEB

In his presentation, Jan Häggström started by giving a historic background account of the “Euro project” from both a political and economic perspective.

He also shared his views on the current Euro crisis, the future survival potential for the Euro project and its effect on the Nordic economies.

During the panel debate, Annika Melander gave the audience a good insight into the EU structure and how its crisis management is working. Although she did not share all of Jan’s concerns regarding the Euro, she admitted that the Euro situation is serious and that politicians will have to spend a number of years re-aligning the EU economies.

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