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Denmark is famous for its high quality green products for treatments of wood, and good news is that many of these products are also available in Thailand. Bunyarit Rotchanarat is the man bringing the products to the Thai market.

“Danish people are fond of wood. Their woodworks also have great designs. And this is the main reason why I moved to Denmark and joined the wood care company there,” Bunyarit Rotchanarat, director of WoodCare International Co., Ltd. told us during a recent interview.

Bunyarit Rotchanarat

A graduate of Chulalongkorn university of Thailand, with a master’s degree in Chemistry and a master’s degree in MBA, Bunyarit has always been interested in wood.  “A house without wood has no life. Wood can soften and add life to a house,” says Bunyarit.

After a few years of work at TOA Company in Thailand, Bunyarit moved to work as General Manager at a German Company called Treffert, where he was in charge of Asia Pacific region. He later moved to Denmark and joined Trip Trap WoodCare in Hadsund in 2004. At this company, he was involved in product developments and was responsible for Southeast Asia and China markets. Together with his team, he provided a technical support to all markets in the region.

Wood Care Company

With over 20 years of experience in the wood care business, Khun Bunyarit decided to set up his own business called Wood Care Co., Ltd. in 2009. Apart from wood care products from Denmark, the company also offers wood care products from other countries such as Sweden, Italy and Germany.

The wood care products serve many purposes such as wood priming for bringing colours to wood, finishing with natural oils to protect wood, cleaning the oiled wood with natural soap and rejuvenating the oiled wood with natural maintenance oil. 

Bunyarit puts a lot of work into the selection process of each item to make sure that it suits the Asian environment and markets. The company holds the brand PROTEGO, offering a wide range of premium quality wood care products both for exterior and interior wood treatments.

Certified and approved by various institutions in Europe and Singapore, all of the company’s products are either free of ‘Volatile Organic Components’ or with a minimum quantity in order not to compromise the quality of the products. In other words, customers can ensure a healthy living using the products which are environmentally friendly and do not cause harm to children and animals.

The company’s expansion

The three main groups of customers are industrial businesses producing furniture and floors from wood, five-star hotels & resorts and end users. 

“One major advantage of our products is that clients can easily use them applying to wood to make it look new again when they want,” he says.

The company expanded every year. Since 2009, the company’s products have been distributed in over 20 branches of HomePro in Bangkok and other provinces such as Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, Korat and Kon Kan.     

Currently, the company exports the products to other countries in South East Asia, China, India and USA.

Bunyarit shared the secrets of his success that “Clients are familiar with me and know me as a specialist because I know how to take care of wood from Asia as well as imported wood, so I can give clients good advice.

“When I’m with wood, I’m happy. I enjoy talking and suggesting good products for wood. I always train my staff to believe that wood is a living thing. This way they respect wood, know a lot about it, and can also give customers good advice.”

For more information, contact  +66 (0) 2914 2191 or visit http://www.protego.co.th/

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