Danish vets help sterilise strays dogs in Thailand

Six Danish veterinarians recently travelled all the way from Denmark to Thailand to help neuter over 200 stray dogs at villages, temples and communities in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan and Ratchaburi.
     The six vets from Denmark has volunteered to spend 10 days of their annual vacation to join a birth-control programme for the huge population of homeless canine in Thailand, organised by a Bangkok-based non-profit organisation, Soi Dog Rescue.
     According to Soi Dog Rescue, the number of strays roaming the streets in Bangkok alone is estimated to be as high as 150,000.
     Mogens Hansen, one of the Danish vets, said the widespread problems incurred by stray dogs in Thailand were similar to those in India, where he had once participated in a similar pro bono sterilisation project.
     He added that the cooperation from local communities in Thailand was impressive, especially from monks who had dozens of strays living at their monastery grounds.
     The Danish vets wrapped up their tour of duty on November 9.
     Local vets were also supportive of the sterilisation project and supplied the Danish vets with medical equipment.

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