Swede appointed head of AIT

Professor Said Irandoust from Sweden has been appointed the next President of Asian Institute of Technology, AIT.
     He is currently serving as President of the University College of Borås, Sweden, and has previously been deputy President at Chalmers in Göteborg.
     In an interview with the local daily Borås Tidning says Professor Irandoust that he has not yet decided whether to accept the offer or not.
     “It is an important decision, both for me as an individual and as a professional. I must discuss the issue with my closest coworkers, the government and our board,” says Professor Irandoust to the newspaper.
     AIT, which is located just north of Bangkok, is an international graduate institution of higher learning with a mission to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy.
     There are currently 2015 students from 49 countries at AIT. Sweden is one of the largest donors to AIT and has a seat in AIT´s board through the ambassador in Bangkok.

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