Danish visitor shot dead in Pattaya

A Danish man was shot to death soon after midnight November 20 in a crowded Pattaya tourist strip, reported newspaper The Nation.
     Michael Christensen, 31, had reportedly just parked his motorcycle to receive a phone call from his wife when two young men strode up to him and opened fire. He was shot three times in front of his younger brother, Rene, and died later in hospital.
     The shooting frightened scores of tourists and bar workers near the scene.
     Michael Christensen leaves a Thai widow, Yommana. The couple lived together for five years in Denmark and were planning to invest in a business in Pattaya, she said.
     Police suspect that competing businessmen learned of their plans and organised the assassination.
     Christenson was shot on his annual vacation in Thailand. He had brought his younger brother along to celebrate the Loy Krathong festival.

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