Business delegation to Jakarta

A delegation from the International Council of Swedish Industry, NIR, visits Indonesia between 6 and 10 December.
     The group consists of nine people, representing Volvo, Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Electrolux, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, NIR and Elof Hansson.
     “The purpose is to offer a number of Swedish companies an opportunity to see and get an understanding of Indonesia after the elections. It is much better to this on the spot through direct talks and meetings with Indonesian industry and government officials than trying to catch up from your office back home. We have also defined Indonesia as a prioritized market in NIR’s long-term plan,” says Mr Andreas von der Heide, Regional Director NIR to Scandasia.
     The programme includes a round table discussion with the Swedish business association SBA, local Swedish businesses and embassy staff, meetings with officials at Kadin, Indonesia’s confederation of industries, and the employer’s association Apindo.
     And maybe, this is not confirmed yet, meetings with newly elected high level government officials.
     “We expect that the meetings with these different representatives for Indonesia will provide us with an insight in what opportunities and risks Swedish industry can expect on the Indonesian market after the recent elections,” continues Andreas von der Heide.
     He adds that delegation trips like these are not a regular part of NIR’s activities but are arranged when there is a demand.
     NIR’s core task is to coordinate and operate projects in important public affairs and development areas that regard international business.
     NIR is sponsored by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and works in close co-operation with associated companies that together represent an overwhelming share of Sweden’s foreign trade and investments.
     The overall purpose of NIR is to make contributions that provide new business opportunities overseas, often in a long term-perspective. This may involve issues like economic and socio-economic conditions as well as public opinion matters and important trends that affect Swedish overseas investments.

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