Day 6 — fading hope

31.12.04 19.40 Norwegian ambassador to Thailand, Ragne Birte Lund cried as she spoke at a commemorative sermon held in the Scandinavian Church in Bangkok this evening.

The Ambassador read a telegram from King Harald of Norway but was so overwhelmed with emotions that she had to stop and dry her tears before she could continue.

Danish Ambassador Ulrik Helweg-Larsen and Swedish Ambassador Jonas Hafstrom were both in Phuket but had asked Ragne Birte Lund to convey their deepest regrets on their behalf at the sermon.

Some fifty Scandinavian residents, tourists and volunteers were gathered at the Church for the sermon which was conducted by Norwegian priest Ivar Ruud.

Resident Norwegian priest Hilde Sirnes spoke at the end. Also she could not hold back her tears but cried as she spoke words of condolence to the Scandinavians gathered who had lost someone dear or still feared the worst for someone not yet found.

It was a beautiful scene as most of the Scandinavians went up to light candles in memory of the dead and in hope of finding the still missing. Almost symbolically a wiff of wind blew some of them out before they had burned for only a few minutes.


31.12.04 19.05

The official status for Norway was as of this evening:

Dead: 21 persons, 19 in Thailand, 2 in Sri Lanka.      Injured in hospital: 4 persons. The Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs says recent information reports 8-9 injured Scandinavians in a hospital previously not recorded in Thailand.

Number of reported Norwegians in the affected area: 7660

Number of Norwegians accounted for: 5983

Number of missing: 462

Unknown: 983

Number of Norwegians back in Norway: 1104.

The term “Missing” is used for the people known to be in the area who are not yet found.

The term “Unknown” is used for unaccounted for Norwegians known to be travelling in South East Asia who may or may not have been in the disaster area.


31.12.04 19.00

The number of Danes still reported as missing has almost doubled over the past 24 hours since the Danish police took over the search efforts.

The latest status as of Friday 31. December at 11.00 Danish time now reads:

Thailand      6 dead      443 missing

India and Maldives      23 missing

Sri Lanka      1 dead      20 missing

Indonesia      4 missing

Total 7 dead and 490 missing persons.

The DVI-team (Disaster Victim Identification-team) of the Danish police has been allocated a sector north of Kao Lak where they are working on identification of some 300 deceased foreigners.

“It is a time consuming work of registrering all physical where all data has to be meticulously noted down for later comparison with available data of missing persons,” the police says in an issued progress statement.

A vast material of details has been recorded by police stations all over Denmark and these data form part of the identification efforts.


31.12.04 18.15

Hundreds, possibly more than a thousand Swedes may have died in the disaster, according to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. At the time of the statement (today 31. December) 59 Swedish victims have been identified. Not all relatives have been informed, the ministry said.

A Swedish police team of eight detectives, dental and medical experts joined today the identification work in Thailand. But the police warns it may take several months before the identification is done.

“The identification of the 200 Bali victims took almost two weeks. Here the victims are many times more,” says Stig Edqvist, the team leader who has previous experience from the plane crash in Milan and the Bali terror bombing.

“The reason why we haven’t come earlier is, that we have first had to gather as much information in Sweden as we could before going,”

“Technically we use a special international template developed by Interpol. It has two parts. On one part we write all information we have in advance about hieght, weight, hair, dental charts, tatoos, jewellery, etc. The other part is used during the physical examination of the victims. Later the two parts are matched,” he explains.


31.12.04 17.35

An identification team from the Norwegian police arrived Thailand yesterday to help identify Norwegians who perished in the tidal wave tragedy. The Norwegian team arrived together with the experts from the Danish police, and will work closely with them and will also coordinate their work with teams from a number of other nations and with the Thai authorities.

The source of this news is the excellent English language news site for Norwegian news where more latest news can be found.

The Norwegian police ask relatives to report missing Norwegians to domestic phone number 02800 or – if calling from abroad – +47 23 20 87 00. This report should be done even though the person has already been reported missing to other authorities, the police says in a press release.


31.12.04 21.20

Around 200 Finnish citizens remain unaccounted for in the southern Asia tsunami disaster zone, chiefly in Thailand, Yrjö Länsipuro, head of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs press and culture department, told the Finnish News Agency (STT) on Wednesday.

The count is based on a list updated with information obtained from the families of those known to have been in the area.

At least 13 Finnish citizens have perished in the tsunami which hit the coast of Thailand on Sunday, the Reuters news agency said on Wednesday.

The count is based on a list by Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation on foreign nationals killed in the tsunami (See link to

Today, the following list was released by the Finnish police on – no English translation immediately available. (If you can help translate, please email to [email protected])

Poliisin tietojen mukaan kadoksissa olevat henkilöt (KRP 31.12.2004 klo 14.45)      listassa huomioitu 31.12.2004 klo 8.00 mennessä tulleet yhteydenotot nimi, ikä, kotipaikkakunta Aaltonen Esa 37 Helsinki Aho Päivi 40 Viro Aho Matti 40 Viro Aho Paula 7 Viro Aho Panu 4 Viro Alanen Hannele 40 Tampere Alanen Juha-Pekka 40 Tampere Alanen Markus 14 Tampere Alanen Henna-Riikka 12 Tampere Alho Joel 17 Rauma Alho Noora-Maija 9 Rauma Eckstein Christofer 18 Kauniainen Eckstein Timo 47 Kauniainen Eckstein Harriet 42 Kauniainen Erikivi Jules 12 Espoo Erikivi Niklas 15 Espoo Espo Raija 66 Helsinki Espo Anna-Maija 38 Kreikka Friiman Ebba 4 Ahvenanmaa Friiman Jesper 3 Ahvenanmaa Geelnard Karin 44 Ahvenanmaa Gustafsson Alf 37 Karjaa Gustafsson Aleksander 9 Karjaa Haapa Ari 54 Kämmenniemi Haapa Erja 52 Kämmenniemi Haaronen Helvi 75 Petäjävesi Hacklin Mandi 9 Ruotsi Hacklin Elsi 42 Ruotsi Hacklin Mauri 44 Ruotsi Hemmi Airi 68 Ruotsi, Vesterås Hemmi Reino 68 Ruotsi, Vesterås Holopainen Jorma 44 Lempäälä Holopainen Eija 45 Lempäälä Huokuniemi Juha 36 Kirkkonummi Huppunen Arja 49 Vantaa Huuhtanen Pekka 43 Vantaa Huuhtanen Tea 37 Vantaa Huuhtanen Jon 15 Vantaa Huuhtanen Johanna 12 Vantaa Hytönen Ilmari Hyytiä Petri 40 Lohja Hyytiä Katja 37 Lohja Hyytiä Johanna 14 Lohja Iskala Pasi Antero 38 Järvenpää Jakobsson Charlotta 19 Ahvenanmaa Jakobsson Maddalena 20 Ahvenanmaa Jakobsson Jaakko 51 Ahvenanmaa Jakobsson Maj-Len 50 Ahvenanmaa Janhunen Karlo 36 Bärösund Junno Tuomo Veli 49 Haapavesi Kalho Kai 45 Muurame Kantor Mirjam 5 Helsinki Kantor Samuel 2 Helsinki Kantor Vera 8 Helsinki Karjalainen Teresa 4 Helsinki Karjalainen Topi 7 Helsinki Kaskinen Aulis Katajakari Piia 35 Parola Keränen Riku 3 Oulu Keränen Pentti 54 Oulu Keskitalo Elina 19 Turku Keskitalo Suvi 16 Turku Keskitalo Aleksi 14 Turku Kimari Jaana 34 Mikkeli Kimari Jani 14 Mikkeli Kimari Jarmo 42 Mikkeli Kiuru Mari 35 Espoo Kivikanta Lasse 63 Espoo Kivistö Ari 44 Tampere Kokko Taisto Eelis 64 Helsinki Kolehmainen Matti 38 Klaukkala Kolehmainen Anna 34 Klaukkala Kolehmainen Samuli 9 Klaukkala Kolehmainen Aino 4 Klaukkala Koskinen Juhani Kuha Ritva 42 Oulu Kuha Kalle 14 Oulu Kuirinlahti Aimo 61 Ruotsi, Sundbyberg Kuisma Leena Anneli 55 Tukholma Kälviä Tuula 53 Lappeenranta Lagerholm Svante 70 Loviisa Laitinen Jukka 42 Helsinki Lammi Pertti Lammi Viktor 14 Helsinki Lamminpää Ilkka 39 Lahti Lamminpää Tuija 37 Lahti Lappalainen Jere 3 Helsinki Lappalainen Pasi 35 Helsinki Lehtonen Anne 40 Espoo Lehtonen Tomi 28 Espoo Lempinen Ilpo 40 Vantaa Lempinen Laura 11 Vantaa Lempinen Nea 14 Vantaa Lindroos Mirja Lindroos Ari Lindroos Saara Lövgren Anne 56 Helsinki Maikola Pekka Majander Klaus 32 Sipoo Majander Heidi 31 Sipoo Majander Emilia 9 Sipoo Majander Teemu 5 Sipoo Majander Julia 4 Sipoo Majander Hellevi 66 Helsinki Marila-Kantor Tiina 39 Helsinki Martikainen Anne 41 Mikola Arja 42 Myllykangas Raimo Myllymäki Tarja 43 Viro Mäkinen Isabella 8 Lahti Mäkinen Jade 5 Lahti Mäkinen Mervi 34 Lahti Mäkinen Osmo 62 Lahti Mäkinen Pirjo 58 Lahti Mäkinen Veeti 7 Lahti Mäkinen Katariina Narkko Paula 35 Rauma Nikkanen Markku 44 Järvenpää Niskala Pasi Antero 38 Järvenpää Nissinen Mikko 27 Lahti Nurmi Lari 56 Raisio Nurmi Kari 56 Nurmi Ville 12 Nurminen Heidi 25 Helsinki Pajasmaa Anna 39 Helsinki Panzar Irma Parkkinen elina 38 Helsinki Parkkinen Miko 12 Helsinki Parkkinen Kimmo 42 Helsinki Partanen Tapio Partanen Timo Juhani Pennanen Lauri Pere Marja 37 Helsinki Pertilä Anne 16 Lahti Pertilä Eeva 14 Lahti Pertilä Eero Juhani 56 Lahti Pertilä Johanna 16 Lahti Puistomäki Mika 38 Hämeenlinna Pulkinnen Matti Puranen Seppo 49 Turku Puro Merja 44 Espoo Pöllänen Veikko 53 Lievestuore Raimi Reijo Olavi 53 Ruotis, Tukholma Rantanen Anni 25 Helsinki Rinne Marjo 47 Espoo Rinne Sea 17 Espoo Rosendahl Aulis 67 Oulu Rosenlöf Katariina Ebba Salonen Tarja 41 Ylöjärvi Savela Sirkka-Liisa 57 Ruotsi Siitari-Lempinen Kirsi 39 Vantaa Siltala Kalle 44 Vantaa Silventoinen Iida 5 Järvenpää Silventoinen Leo 2 Järvenpää Silventoinen Marko 36 Järvenpää Silventoinen Perttu 7 Järvenpää Sirkesalo Aki 42 Klaukkala Sirkesalo Johanna 38 Klaukkala Sirkesalo Saana 4 Klaukkala Sirkesalo Sampo 8 Klaukkala Sorajoki Santeri 10 Askola Sund Marko 37 Porvoo Sund Britt-Mari 34 Porvoo Sund Kevin 10 Porvoo Sund Carolina 7 Porvoo Suonsivu Tuukka 7 Espoo Suonsivu Tytti 5 Espoo Suonsivu Risto 41 Espoo Tanner Terhi 48 Rauma Tarnanen Markku 43 Viro Tarnanen Tinja 3 Viro Tarnanen Oona 6 Viro Tarnanen Simo 76 Viro Tarnanen Maija 76 Viro Tarnanen Sofia 9 Viro Tikka Seppo Veikko 55 Espoo Tikka Anna Karoliina 23 Espoo Tikka Nora Maria 27 Espoo Timola Johanna 29 Helsinki Tuominen Eero 47 Helsinki Tuomisto Veijo Uosukainen Päivi Valo Timo 46 Vantaa Valo Sinikka 46 Vantaa Vepsä Milja 65 Imatra Vepsä Ahti 68 Imatra Vesalainen Paavo 1 Kuusankoski Vuorinen Helge 52 Kokemäki Vuorinen Paula 53 Kokemäki Ylönen Martta 62 Hankasalmi Öörni Heikki 51 Karvala Öörni Tarja 49 Karvala Öörni Matti 13 Karvala Öörni Kaisa 20 Turku 31.12.04 16.11 An excellent website established particularly for foreigners has been set up. Click The site has among others a link to a list of patients transferred to Bangkok: 31.12.04 15.00 The latest official compilation from last night 30 December at 21.00 is available in excel format to download from: including hidden cells deemed not of Nordic relevans. Thai language in this file has been translated for the nationals from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, others and unknown countries0.


31.12.04 11.00





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