SBA kicks off 2005

The Swedish Business Association, SBA, in Jakarta kicks off the new year with two own events and one in cooperation with the Nordic countries.
     On January 19th SBA arranges a half day labour regulation crash course at the Aryaduta hotel. Speakers are Yulius Indra P. Darnadi from Ongko Sidharta & Partners and Michael Olsson from BM Olsson.
     The day after, also at the Aryaduta, James Riady and Gordon Benton from Lippo Karawachi speaks about private town management at a fully sponsored business luncheon.
     Finally, on the 25th at Hotel Gran Melia the quarterly Nordic Event is hosted by the Finnsih Business Association. Guest speaker is John A Prasetio, chairman of Kadin. He will talk about Indonesia´s future, which now involves reconstruction from the recent tsunami distaster as well as the course set out by the new President.

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